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The inspiration behind our brand name is a straightforward concept: to continually renew ideas, ensuring we adapt to the evolving needs of our customers. At REIDEA, we are dedicated to ceaselessly exploring fresh ways to engage with our customers, offering a diverse range of useful and innovative products.

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What makes our lighter safer and easy to use?

Simple turn on the hidden safety switch at the bottom (The power indicator goes on), and then press and hold the ignition button to light your candle, we are able to light candle faster, safer and easier. Arc keeps up to 7s each time for safety, slide the ignition button up again to regenerate arc.

Is the electronic lighter child proof?

Yes, there’s a safety switch so your little kids can’t light it. The lighter is designed to turn off automatically if it is left unattended with the power on for longer than 10s. (The indicator light will off)

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